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Webcam with microphone for Desktop record excellent video image and smooth sound. 2 million pixels(30 fps) web cameras for computers with facial-enhancement technology optimizes the image automatically. 1080P web camera with microphone with COMS chips make your skin real and flawless in low light conditions(AE Compensation). Smooth than ordinary webcam, High-definition picture quality, efficient

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Clear Sound and High-definition Picture Quality:

1. Top Quality Noise Processing:

Built-in 2 stereo omnidirectional microphones pick up your voice and filter out background noise, enabling you to enjoy clearer voice for chatting online.

2. AE Optical Compensation Effect(Low Light Correction):

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology makes your video to present facial details well even in low light or high exposure environments. Balance colors and provide consistently high definition.






1920*1080 & 2 Million Pixels

HD webcam uses a 2MP 86° wide-angle high-definition lens, takes video recording and transmission with1080P image quality and 30fps. Provide you with high-definition stable video conference and video chat, improve work efficiency, help solve problems encountered in work and life.

360°Rotating Base & 180°Fixed Clip

360°Rotating Base and 180° Fixed Clip can provide you with full-view video, and can be fixed on various any laptop, LCD monitor, desktop, or more at the same time. Not easy to slip and fall off. At the same time, you can also adjust the lens to find best angle according to your needs.

Compact Structure & Front Glass Mirror

1080P web camera uses integrated design with high-quality materials, compact structure, exquisite design. Good heat dissipation performance. The front glass mirror is more beautiful, at the same time, it feels better and the lens is easier to clean.

Anti-electromagnetic Interference USB Cable

Streaming computer camera adopts high-performance COMS chip and anti-electromagnetic interference ring. Reduce electromagnetic interference in video and audio transmission, provide you with a stable and smooth video and voice in the video conference with your colleagues.



1080P Webcam Use Matters Needing Attention:

system prompts “webcam-No driver found” (Bottom Red) Don’t worry, this is a dedicated driver for engineer debugging. You don’t need to install it. If there are three “√”(Green), it means that the driver has been successfully installed.

2. When using the microphone, try to stay away from other electronic products, such as radios, mobile phones, and TVs and so on. In order to avoid electromagnetic interference, the audio signal is unstable and the sound is not clear.

3. When using cameras for computer monitors, if you feel that the video quality does not satisfy you, you can adjust the angle of the lens, so that web cameras for computers will re-process the video screen.

4. The PC webcam does not contain a battery inside and has a USB data cable(1.5m/59.06in). It cannot be used as a storage tool.

5. If you’re on a Mac, you’ll most likely need to buy a USB to USB-C adapter in order to fit a normal webcam.

6. When laptop webcam is inserted into you laptop for the first time, please cancel “the use of the built-in webcam” in the laptop settings, and then choose “apply the external webcam”. Set Once, Use Forever.

7. Make sure that you plug the web camera directly into your computer or laptop, not a USB hub. USB hubs are often too underpowered to operate a webcam.

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