Klip Xtreme KTM-876 32-60 Inch Tilt Swivel Tv Mount


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TV Mounts. A stylish TV wall mount, perfect for flat-panels and the latest generation of curved TVs … Articulated tilt | KTM-876. Articulated tilt and swivel flat or curved TV mountd screens from 32-60 inches.

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A stylish TV wall mount for the ultimate entertainment experience!

Sit back, relax and dramatically enhance your viewing potential with this high-quality wall mount, designed for at panel televisions with a screen size ranging from 13 to 46 inches. This pull-out, tilt and swivel mount is ideal for home cinema use. It features a durable metal construction, a pivot swivel and four extensions to easily accommodate mounting patterns of bigger screens. This functional VESA compliant mount is easy to install, so you can set it up and start enjoying your favorite movies and shows within minutes!

Weight 6 lbs

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