Halnziye 10g HY710 High Performance Silver Thermal Paste Compound


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  • High quality and easy to apply
  • 1 gram of silver thermal paste
  • Thermal conductivity: >3.17W/m-K
  • Excellent replacement for any old thermal paste

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HY710 silver thermal grease contains Silver AGO&Silver Powder-High cooling performance material to improve thermal conductivity, better than regular types and good partner for CPU/GPU cooler and other electric parts. RoHS & PFOS & REACH appliant with SGS testing report.


1. 100% brand new and high quality
2. Grey thermal grease paste
3. Non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive
4. High stability and reliability
5. Low thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity
6. Apply to CPU, VGA,LED Chipset and other PC components
7. Compliance with RoHS REACH PFOS requirement

How to use

a.Clean the CPU and heat sink surfaces,Wipe the surface lightly with a cotton ball or cotton swab dampened with alcohol or our thermal cleanser
b.Place a tiny drop of thermal grease to the center of the cooler base,smear it evenly with scraper or finger cot,best thickness is 0.13~0.15mm
c.Attach the heat sink to the processor and Avoid removing the heat sink after installing it.


1. Color: Silver; Thermal Conductivity:>3.17W/m-K; Thermal Impedance:<0.0670C-in²/W
2. Specific Gravity:>2.4g/cm³; Viscosity:1000; Thixotropic Index:380±101/10mm
3. Moment Bore Temperature:-50~2800C; Operation Temperature:-30~2400C
4. Silicone Compounds: 30%; Carbon Compounds: 20%; Metal Oxide Compounds: 50%
5. Weight(N.W) 1g (per Syringe), Package Include: 1 Short Syringe

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