Apeman C580 Wifi Dash Cam


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✅ Wi-Fi and “APEMAN Tour” App – With this black dash cam in your car, recorded footage can be viewed, downloaded, and shared directly from the smartphone. No complicated operations are needed since the settings can be changed in the app.

✅ Top-notch Video Quality – Better than other 1080p dash cameras on the market, APEMAN C580 dash cam uses the best chip on the market with a professional-level Full HD Sony IMX307 CMOS image sensor to excellent performance during the day and night. Its image quality is comparable to some of the 2K and 4K cameras on the market.

✅ 24/7 Parking Monitoring – If an impact or motion is detected by this car camera, this ash camera for cars will wake up and start recording. That way, you’ll have video footage in the case of a hit-and-run or vandalism incident.

✅ Feature Rich and Versatile – This dashcam for cars also includes Impact Detection, Loop Recording, Stop & Go, and has the optional GPS feature available. All of these features are packed into a low-profile design that never gets in the way of driving visibility.

✅ Friendly Operation and Service – Easy installation and operations make everyone capable of mastering this dash cam. All requests for help will be responded in a timely manner. Every APEMAN customer will be provided with effective solutions to the issues.

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